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We continue the ascension from physical concepts to self-actualizing concepts. Energy is physical and mental power that typically is applied to a particular task or activity. Energy resides within this complex network - an ecosystem - which we learned in the Heart Openers class is the interconnected system of chakras, Meridian Lines and the impact they have on our organ function. We explored our individual energetic ecosystem and how a variety of factors - physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual - can impact its quality. Understanding that our energetic ecosystems do not exist in a vacuum, we also explored the energetic ecosystems of those we commingle & exchange our energy with.


As traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) states, we achieve optimal health through the balancing of our energy. We recapped the tools and knowledge gained throughout the program, reaffirming our awareness of the possible adjustments we need to make to achieve balance. We affirmed that this journey allowed us to Evolve Consciously© and now we are tasked with understanding why - to what end.  

Self Reflection Prompts (optional): 

  • What is the quality of your individual energetic ecosystem?

  • What exactly is contributing to the overall positive or negative quality of your energy?

  • With whom or what do you exchange the most energy with?
    Consider the quality of their energy

  • How do you feel after you exchange energy?

  • What adjustments do you need to make with those you exchange with?

  • What is your why?

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