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My Story


Hey Y'all Hey!

Eight years ago, I embarked on the journey of healing myself from the inside out - focusing on physical fitness and nutrition. I intermittently used yoga to compliment my weight training and cardio routines. It wasn’t until I attended my first in-person yoga class that I realized yoga was so much more than bonafide stretching. That fateful yin class compelled me to gain over 600 hours of training and experience in yin, vinyasa, prenatal, yoga for corporate settings and meditation; in addition, to becoming a certified full-spectrum doula.

~ the nibble ~

~ the full dish ~

I am an Afro-Latina yoga & meditation guide and self-care advocate. I channel my mom-adjacent skills as a “Madrina” (Spanish for “Godmother”) of seven sweet children by guiding souls earth-side as a certified, full-spectrum doula. My aim is to provide self-care that is simple and accessible, so it becomes a sustainable practice. A consistent seeker of healing knowledge, I study and guide students through the physiological and psycho-emotional effects of mindful movements, breath work, self-inquiry and meditation.

I earned a Global MBA in Marketing from Kean University of Union, New Jersey and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Marist College of Poughkeepsie, New York. The psychology of business, specifically understanding the “why” behind the purchase-decision process, propelled my formal education; but, I hit a motivational wall during my 10+ year marketing career and found I was asking myself “why”? Why was I over consuming (processed foods, alcohol, sleep, mindless television, stagnancy, etc.), spending money on unhealthy habits that contributed to my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual deterioration? The death of my father amplified my inquiry and I began struggling with the concepts of mortality and time. 


“Time is the only ever-depreciating asset. We can never get more and we don’t know how much we have.”- a quote I remember from a forgotten source.


During my grieving process, I reached out to my mentor and high school religion teacher, the late Mrs. Marybeth Hoffman, who assisted me in establishing structure at this time when I was having anxiety about how much time I had in this life. Insert the shift in healing from focusing on strictly physical fitness and nutrition to include an emphasis on my spiritual wellness and psycho-emotional health.


A dear friend gifted me a notebook as part of a grieving basket with a note that said something to the effect of “a safe-space for all of your BIG feelings you’re not ready to say out loud.” I continue to transmute negative energy and self-doubt through my self-inquiry and scripting process, now 6 journals (and counting) later. I gradually eliminated certain food groups from my diet based on how I would feel after eating (no meat, fish & seafood = YUM, and no dairy unless it’s cheese on the occasional pizza!). I implemented a budget, debt-pay off and savings plan to stabilize my financial security. I then experimented with flip-flopping my physical fitness regimen so that I practiced yoga primarily and complemented with weight-lifting. I did not realize it at the time, but I began to evolve with this new injection of consciousness into my lifestyle.

Enter the fateful yin class I took, guided by Dr. Naomi P. Fox at Hot Yoga Revolution in Cranford, NJ. I was moved to tears as I felt my spirit stir with a calling that Naomi clarified after class as “lightbringer.” I would go on to study under Dr. Naomi P. Fox, Sara Rosenblatt, Danielle Mojo, Adi Shakti, Anjali Sunita and Latham Thomas completing over 600 hour of training in yin, vinyasa, prenatal, trauma-informed yoga, pranayama and meditation practices, as well as becoming a full-spectrum doula.


I would also create my own company, Project Fruition, with the intention of providing support to people along their health & wellness journey by devising a plan (“project” as a noun), putting the plan into motion (“project” as a verb) and bringing the desired result into reality or “fruition.” I remain excited about my own journey, as well as, assisting others along their journey to Evolve Consciously ©.

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