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What are the live stream class dates and times?  

  • WK1: Sunday 2/21 at 10AM EST, 60 MIN - Twists & Binds (Detoxify)

  • WK2: Sunday 2/28 at 10AM EST, 60 MIN - Hip Openers (Grounding & Expression)

  • WK3: Sunday 3/7 at 10AM EST, 60 MIN - Heart Openers (Healing & Release)

  • WK4: Sunday 3/14 at 10AM EST, 60 MIN - Wallflower (Poses against the wall)

  • WK5: Sunday 3/21 at 10AM EST, 75 MIN - Student's Choice (Students will get to request poses, target areas and music* for this sequence!)


Will a reminder email for each class be sent?

  • Yes! A reminder email will be sent 15-minutes prior to each class. It will have the link to the playlist and Zoom room.  

Will the classes be available for replay?

  • Yes! An email will be sent out after our live streamed class, which will contain the link to the class replay. Replays will be available through Saturday 4/3/21.  I encourage you to access the replays between our livestream classes as you desire!

  • Please honor your investment and do not share the links to the replays outside of our group.

Will the class replay include student's feeds in the recording?

  • Don't worry, only my feed will be recorded.


Can I keep my camera off during class?

  • In order to safely guide you through the sequence, please have your camera  turned on and set your mat up so I can see your whole body. 

What is self-inquiry and how can I access the prompts?

  • Self-inquiry is a practice where one's attention and curiosity is turned inward. Self-inquiry allows us a safe space to acknowledge, discover and gain clarity on our beliefs, choices, feelings and perceptions.  

  • Self-inquiry prompts will be included in an email that will be sent out after our live streamed class.  

Are the self-inquiry prompts mandatory?

  • Self-inquiry prompts are meant to enhance your experience and for your own journey. You are not required to complete them and you are not required to share them with the instructor or the group. 

  • However, I am available to hold space for your self-inquiry shares 15 minutes prior to and after our live stream classes. Feel free to also shoot me an email and I can respond there or set up a call with you to discuss more in depth.

How do I submit my requests for the Student's Choice class on Sunday 2/21 at 10AM EST?. 

  • Please CLICK HERE to access the Google Form where you can submit your requests. A link to this Google Form will also be included in the Sunday 3/14 post-class email. 

  • The last day to submit your requests will be Thursday 3/18/21. 

  • *NOTE: music requests must include song title and artist name. Try to keep it to instrumentals. Songs will be subject to approval. 

I have questions that were not answered in the FAQs. How do I communicate them to you?

  • I will be available for questions and sef-inquiry shares (if you feel so inclined) 15 minutes prior to and after our live stream classes. 

  • If you have questions outside of our class time, please feel free to shoot me an email and I can respond to you there or we can set up a call to discuss more in depth.  

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