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We slowly transitioned from physical concepts to self-actualizing concepts during this class. Understanding that yin is the pose we most adopt, prana or Qi (life force) flows through our Meridian Lines and health is achieved by balance, we are now able to focus on "the space between" and its multiple representations. We learned about the chakras, the disks of energy where bundles of nerves join - known as nerve plexuses- and how the heart & throat serve as the bridge between grounding, creative energy (Shakti) and formless, inspirational energy (Shiva). Shocks can suspend our life force by shrinking the heart or sometimes closing it off entirely, leaving the mind with no place to rest. This is fertile ground for the ego to consume in excess, denying our genuine thoughts and feelings space to be accepted. Gratitude and conscious breath are key in quelling the ego and gaining serenity!

Self Reflection Prompts (optional): 

  • What guilts and shames are you holding onto from the past?

  • What anxieties of the future plague you?

  • How do creation energy and inspiration energy actualize for you?
    What shape does it take?
    How doe sit feel in your body?

  • What shocks to your system are you currently experiencing?
    What "shortcuts" or muscle memory do you notice activate in response to the shock?

  • What are you in denial about?
    What are you in acceptance of?
    What does serenity look like for you?

  • How do you extend gratitude?
    How often do you consciously say "thank you"?

  • How does ego present itself in your life? 
    What do you find yourself consuming in excess? (remember, this goes beyond food)
    What items of substance or quality could you use more of? 

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