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We built on to our basic understanding of yin yoga by looking at it from the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The Tao/Dao is the study of prana, Qi (pronounced "chee") or energy; yin and yang energies balancing themselves by having a little bit of the other within them (i.e. yin-yang sign). We learned about the pathways our prana or Qi flow along (remember the garden hose analogy?). The 14 Meridian Lines are paired in terms of yin and yang energy and feed a specific major organ. The energy within these lines can be overactive, underachieve or balanced, which influences the function and health of the organ it supplies. We learned how the energetic quality of our thoughts & feelings can also contribute to the performance and wellness of our organs. 

Self Reflection Prompts (optional): 

  • What balances and imbalances have you or do you currently experience in your physical body?

  • How does your body respond to anger?


  • What beliefs do you have?
    What are the thoughts and feelings associated with these beliefs?

  • Explore the quality of your grounding. What does it look like? How does it feel? What adjustment, if any, do you feel would resonate better for you?

  • Explore the quality of your expression. What does it look and sound like? Is it whole and true? Where do you need to express less or more?

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