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We gained a basic, foundational understanding of what yin yoga is and how it impacts our bodies anatomically. We explored some visualizations that made our inherent anatomy more relatable because we don't see the details of our musculo-skeletal structure on a daily basis. We defined prana and used our breath to expand our practice (also referred to as pranayama in Sanskrit) by using a specific technique called square or box breath. Ultimately, we learned a method to naturally detoxify our bodies through yin yoga, while increasing our flexibility, mobility & dexterity.


Self Reflection Prompts (optional): 

  • What does your yin yoga look like off the mat?
    What shapes/postures do you find yourself frequently in?
    How are you showing up in your life?

  • What is your "edge": your precipice of change?
    How much time is required for SHIFT to happen in your life?

  • What prana (energy) are you consuming: food, information (social media, news,mustic, tv, books), people?
    Go beyond the physical and tangible. What thoughts, emotions, beliefs are you consuming?
    What is the quality of the prama you are consuming: toxic/negative, nourishing/positive or neutral?

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